When booking training for others, be sure that you are logged into your business/employer admin account. 

Select your Business/Employer Admin Account in the top right-hand corner drop-down. 

Step 1: Select Get Started

Step 2: Select Next if This Training is for Others

Step 3: Enter your login information 

● If you have a SkillsPass account, enter your email and password for your Employer Admin account

● If you do not have an account, select ‘Create Account’


Confirm Registration to continue 

Select This training is for others 

Create your booking by giving it a name and selecting the number of people you will be assigning this training to. The Booking Name will help you better track it in the future. This booking will be made through your business/employer admin account:  

To assign seats with SkillsPass click select. 

 Confirm you are assigning with SkillsPass. Click confirm. 

Type in email addresses, separated by commas. Participants must have a SkillsPass account. Select Assign. 

 Note: As people confirm their registrations in your Booking, they will appear on the Confirmed tab above.